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Le Chhakka 2010 Bangla Movie Song Download

Le Chhakka 2010 Bangla Movie

Le Chhakka 2010 Bangla Movie Song Download

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Bengali Movie super star Dev has been de-glamorized by director Raj Chakraborty for his upcoming movie LE CHAKKA. First time DEV will not be playing so called MACHO MAN in Bengali cinema. He has grown beard and shooting without any make up for Raj Chakraborty. Le Chakka is based on rivalry between two local cricket team in Calcutta. DEV is playing one of the key players in a team. LE CHAKKA is not a love story. DEV is playing the role of AABIR, a common guy. It is a character role rather than a macho HERO. Raj Chakraborty breaks the tradition again by showcasing DEV about only 1.5 hours in Le CHAKKA rather than keeping him on screen almost all the time like DEV’s previous movies. DEV has already established himself as a successful hero in Bengali film. He proved that the Bengali Film industry can produce blockbuster movies even without Prosenjit today. LE CHAKKA will be a challenge for DEV to break his image. It will give him better recognition as an actor.